One micro step at a time.


Committed to Grow LLC is an urban farming initiative that envisions green fields where others see rooftops. Harvesting the intense flavor and color of microgreens from our rooftop farm in Santurce we are dedicated to supplying local sustainable food that will be harvested by hand before breakfast in order to reach your plate by lunch. 


A staggering 90% of the food consumed in Puerto Rico comes through its ports and not from its land. Add to this frightening figure that 9 out of 10 Puerto Ricans are urban dwellers. Barring a great rural revival, issues of food security, sustainability and economic development will all intersect in Puerto Rico’s urban cores.  If our roofs were to become green, new opportunities would emerge for the island to have a sustainable and resilient food system.


From seed to the first true leaves in a matter of days, our fresh and tender vegetable greens become bursts of beauty and taste in the creations of local chefs. In addition to enhancing the sensorial experience, microgreens pack a nutritious punch as well, with up to five times higher levels of vitamins and phytonutrients than their mature counterparts.   


With a great focus on sustainability, quality and service we grow our microgreens close to where they will be consumed, a hyper-local approach to farming and food distribution where local begins to take a whole new meaning and so does urban life. We supply a wide variety of flavors and textures in our microgreens directly to restaurants from Old San Juan to Isla Verde, all within less than 8 miles from our production site.